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Creating a win-win with our clients. We cut your IT spending while making your computers run faster and with fewer problems.

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Are you wondering what cloud computing is or how to use it? Does cloud computing make sense for you?

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The worst time to learn that your backup failed is after a hard drive crash. Sleep better at night with our DataSafe program.

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We guarantee customer satisfaction, quick response time, and certified technicians. We’ve got you covered.

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Customer Testimonials

  • They are personable, they listen, they pay attention and they understand Law Firms. They understand that Small Business doesn’t want to be too expensive and buy too much so they are careful on what they recommend to us.”

    Beth Mora - Partner, Cooper and Mora Law Offices

  • We are very happy. Our systems run like clock-work. If we have any issues, they get resolved quickly with little or no downtime. We can rely a lot on everybody at Rubiconn and it gives us piece of mind. They do what they say they are going to do. Everything that you get from them is what you need.”

    Cindy McCaustland - Chief Financial Officer, Smith Denison Construction Company

  • I have used Rubiconn, LLC as my IT consulting company for my CPA practice and outsourced internet based bookkeeping company. When I first engaged them, they immediately solved my IT issues, where other companies could not. They have streamlined my operations due to their wealth of technology based intelligence that will carry over into the future.”

    Dan Kavanaugh - CPA

  • The biggest benefit with doing business with Rubiconn is the fact that our turnaround time is quick and our downtime is very little, if any. They can do a lot of their upgrades and services remotely so they don’t even have to come to the office. They do it right away as soon as we call.”

    Larry Viera - Jifco Pipe Company

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