Flat-Fee IT

Finally, an Easy Way to Avoid Spending Thousands of Dollars on Computer Network Support and Repairs While Practically Eliminating Frustrating Computer Problems and Downtime!

Our “Flat Fee IT Solution” program cuts your IT spending while making your computers run faster and with fewer problems.

Thanks to our Flat Fee IT Solution program, you can now get all the computer network maintenance and support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff.

This service is ideal for the small business owner that doesn’t want to spend their time dealing with computer problems and maintenance, and simply wants the peace of mind that everything is covered and taken care of.

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3 Big Reasons Why You’ll Want To Sign Up For Our “Flat Fee IT Solution”

    1. Get all the technical support you need including help desk support, 24/7 monitoring, security patches and updates, and ongoing maintenance for one low, FIXED monthly rate with NO surprises.
    2. No more extended downtime or other problems that interrupt your business. We’ll proactively monitor and maintain your network to make sure problems are addressed and resolved BEFORE they turn into downtime.
    3. Gain incredible peace of mind knowing that we are watching your network 24/7 to protect it from viruses, spyware, hackers, data loss and other disasters.

Just Look At What Our Customers Are Saying About This Incredible Service:

  • I like the way it’s priced. A Flat Rate for all services… so you are not concerned about ‘should I call them or am I going to get billed to get something fixed’. That is actually very helpful.”

    Beth Mora - Partner, Cooper and Mora Law Offices

  • The biggest benefit with doing business with Rubiconn is the fact that our turnaround time is quick and our downtime is very little, if any. They can do a lot of their upgrades and services remotely so they don’t even have to come to the office. They do it right away as soon as we call.”

    Larry Viera - Jifco Pipe Company

  • Our systems run like clock-work. If we have any issues, they get resolved quickly with little or no downtime. We can rely a lot on everybody at Rubiconn and it gives us piece of mind. I think that’s really important when our systems are involved.”

    Cindy McCaustland - Chief Financial Officer, Smith Denison Construction Company

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