Data & Network Security

Is your network secure and your data safe? Do you have the right firewall in place? The right malware or antivirus solutions?

Hackers are an aggressive breed, and they’re out to wreak havoc. Viruses attack without warning. If you have any holes or gaps, you are at risk. And if you are attacked, it can be costly.

It can cost anywhere from $500–$1000 to get a virus removed.

It’s of vital importance to have the right defenses in place.

We provide multiple lines of defense through Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall. Think of a castle with its moat, drawbridge, courtyards, interior and exterior walls. How many lines of defense do you need? We can tell you and provide the appropriate solutions for your safety.

We’ll keep you and your employees safe while you’re out there on the web.


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