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Catering in the Cloud:
Heavenly food prepared with the help of cloud computing

Randy and Lisa Peters of Randy Peters Catering live, breathe, and eat (pun intended) catering. It is their passion and they are great at it! They are passionate about great food, excellent service, and a unique customer experience. Their favorite words are “Yes, we can do that!” They make themselves available for their customers 24x7x365.

And as their business has grown, RPC has had to lean more and more on streamlined business processes and technology. Software, hardware, telecommunications, wireless, email, printers, laptops, networks, and websites have become a necessary evil in competing in the fierce restaurant and catering industry. “I don’t have time to learn all of this stuff,” laments Lisa, RPC CEO.

“I just want it to work. Computer problems can bring our business to its knees. We can’t afford to be down or have IT problems.”

With the decision to use Rubiconn and its private cloud computing solution, Randy is looking to turn his previous IT frustration into a competitive advantage. “Working on the Rubiconn servers allow me to get more done each day. They are fast and they have never gone down.”

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