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An IT partner to help keep your network up and your costs down?
A business partner who can help you take advantage of technology like the cloud?
A partner who wants to do everything it can to help improve your bottom line?

Welcome to Rubiconn. We Make IT Work.

•     We reduce expenses associated with IT
•     We can help drive new business
•     We reduce stress and help stabilize the network
•     We provide a fixed price for monthly IT expense
•     We become a business partner or ally in finding business solutions
•     We respond fast
•     We provide network support in the cloud or locally in your office

If you want simple, easy to calculate costs, if you want fast response when you have an issue, and if you want your network to work: Rubiconn Makes IT Work.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our clients have to say.



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We Make IT Work. It's That Simple.