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What Does Your Customer Want?

Are you tuned in to your customers’ needs?

Sometimes we’re so consumed with beating the competition that we lose sight of the customer. It’s important to step back every so often and evaluate the message your company is sending. Where is your focus? Does it reflect your company goals and principles? Or are you merely reacting to fads and fancies?

For solid growth, companies need to take their temperature regularly. One way to do this is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. It may sound simple, but many of us forget this angle when we’re thinking of profit and loss ledgers, payroll, and all the other necessities of running a business.

But stop and ask yourself:

• What does my customer really want?
• What problem does he have?
• How does my service/product solve this problem?
• What does she need to know in order to buy this service/product?

Cater to the customer’s need. Tailor your message to inform, attract, and delight your customer. Make sure your offer addresses the customer’s needs, questions, and problems. Present a clear solution.

And don’t be cheap with your service. Delivering the bare minimum for a cut-rate price is not impressive. Deliver quality. Deliver more than the customer expects, and you will have a customer for life.

* Photo Credit: Ian Britton (Creative Commons)


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