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Top 5 Questions To Ask An IT Company Before You Hire Them

At first glance, especially if you don’t know any better, all IT companies might look the same. A bunch of nerds fixing computers, right?


Turns out there are some pretty significant differences from IT company to IT company. Rubiconn’s Senior Technical Consultant, Robert Muldoon sounds off with 5 questions you should ask an IT company before hiring them:

1.       Is your helpdesk outsourced?

Who is answering the phone or processing the service ticket when there’s an IT emergency? Is it the IT company or a call center on some other side of the world? Amazingly enough, a lot of companies outsource their helpdesk. This can waste valuable time when it comes to resolving your issue, and it’s also highly impersonal. At Rubiconn, we don’t outsource anything, so you won’t find us playing the finger-pointing game. Plus, we like our customers and consider them partners; their success is our success.

2.       Do you have senior level techs manning your helpdesk?

Basically, you want to find out the level of experience, qualification, and competency of the guys behind the screen. You can generally figure this out by reading customer testimonials and asking to speak with current clients. A good company shouldn’t be afraid to let you talk to their clients. Aside from working higher level projects, our senior techs all man the helpdesk.  The availability of these experts allow for quick resolution of complex issues.

3.       Is your hosted solution managed by your employees?

Again, another surprise! A lot of IT companies don’t even manage their own hosted solutions. This could end up being a bit of a nightmare should you lose any data. At Rubiconn, we manage it all, so we know where everything is at any given time. And we regularly test restore our data, too.

4.       Do any of your techs have long hair?

How’d that get in there?

5.       How much experience do you have designing, implementing and maintaining a cloud/datacenter environment?

If they hesitate, trip over their words, or sound confused, they’re not the IT company for you. Trust us.


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