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Still Using Windows XP? Upgrade Now

Using out-of-date or unsupported systems can be hazardous to your company’s health.

If you’re still using Windows XP SP3 and/or Office 2003, it’s time to upgrade. As of April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting these products.

That means no more security updates, hot-fixes, support options, or technical content updates. And that’s serious.

You may be thinking, “Oh, I have plenty of time,” but don’t be fooled. Total migration can take anywhere from 18 to 32 months to complete. So if you want to maintain the integrity and security of your data, start taking steps to upgrade now.

If you don’t upgrade, you will be exposing your business to serious risk. A risk that could cost you thousands of dollars if your client and business data becomes compromised. In our opinion, it’s just not worth the gamble.

You can get more information from Microsoft here.

* Photo Credit: Lynne Behrends (Creative Commons)


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