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Positive Habits to Acquire Any Time

Cultivating good habits can be habit-forming!

It’s never too late to set some goals or develop good habits. We tend to focus on these things at the beginning of the new year, but it’s a practice we should cultivate all year long.


Well, I’m assuming we all want to grow professionally and personally and that takes intentional living and planning. Plus, studies show that people who plan and pursue goals have a brighter outlook on life and greater peace of mind. Who doesn’t want that?

So here are some habits to acquire any time of the year (and at any age):

1. Read. Read for pleasure, read for knowledge. Reading broadens your perspective and opens your mind to new possibilities. For this very reason, leaders are readers.

2. Learn new things. Acquire a new skill; learning keeps you sharp and fresh. It could be something simple or complex. Cooking, a new language, fishing, painting, or whatever strikes your fancy. Just make sure it’s enjoyable! Learning new skills and being open to new experiences invigorates all aspects of your life.

3. Get organized and stay organized. For some of us this is a continual goal. But knowing where things are and having access to important information makes you more effective professionally and personally. “Good order is the foundation of all good things.” –Edmund Burke

4. Practice quick project reviews. You don’t have to make this a major ordeal, but when you finish a project evaluate its effectiveness. What worked and what didn’t. What could you do better or differently next time. Even a quick analysis can solidify learning and enhance your productivity and experience the next time you launch a project.

Remember, you can begin cultivating positive habits at any time and in any stage of life. And you don’t have to take on ten at a time. Start with one or two and focus on those. You’ll probably find that they build on each other. Taking control in one area of your life usually trickles into other areas. And that’s a good thing. So pick one area, and start building a positive habit today!

So what good habits are you working to acquire?

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