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5 Reasons to Pin and Win

Unless you’ve been exploring the far reaches of the Gobi desert, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest by now.

But you still may be wondering what all the hullabaloo is about.

Why all this interest in Pinterest?

Well, it’s easy, beautiful, and fun.

And it’s one of the fastest growing websites ever. At one point, the site surpassed ten million monthly unique visitors. A statistic that should make any business stand up and take notice.

“Oh, no, not another platform,” you mutter as your eyes glaze over. I understand, believe me. And, admittedly, Pinterest may not be the thing for you. But before you make any snap judgments, here are some reasons to consider jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon.

Why Pin?

1. It’s simple, colorful, and fun.

Yes, it’s okay to have fun while you work! And there’s nothing wrong with simplicity either. Platform building is not rocket science, and it doesn’t have to be drudgery. Images can be powerful, emotive, and compelling. So pinning pictures can give you a unique opportunity to capture, engage, and interact with your audience.

2. Pinterest is a traffic driver.

More traffic equals more leads, and if you know how to work it, more sales. Ten million visitors ain’t hay. And studies have shown that these browsers quickly become buyers. And why not? It’s so easy: see it, like it, and click, click, buy it. There are fewer obstacles or steps between you and your customer. Also, every pin includes a link back to its original source, so every time your image is re-pinned you expand your sales conversation.

3. It connects easily to other social media.

Connection is what it’s all about. You’d like to connect and integrate your platforms so you can better connect with your audience. Pinterest makes this easy by allowing you to link it with your Twitter account and Facebook profile. This enables you to post and share new pins across platforms, tapping into different audiences. The wider your reach, the farther your brand travels.

4. Pinterest is addictive – users are highly engaged.

This is the result of all that fun. People can’t seem to get enough. Because Pinterest is so highly visual, it’s easy to scan, absorb, and share content. So if you’re pinning attractive and appealing images, there is a strong probability that your content will be seen and shared multiple times. Again, this draws traffic, expands your influence, and generates new leads.

5. It enables you to discover new trends.

Pinterest offers a window into what is trending now. Find out what your people love, what inspires them, and what they want. You can use this information to tailor your own products and services accordingly. And it’s more than likely you’ll get inspired along the way. Who knows what new ideas and creations you may come up with?

What About You?

Do you use Pinterest? If so, what have you found particularly useful?


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