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5 Qualities of an Effective Marketing Email

Is email marketing a key component of your business strategy?

Do you feel like you’re leveraging your email list effectively?

Email marketing may not seem as glamorous as Facebook or Twitter, but it should be a staple in any marketing plan. It is a personal and powerful tool for developing leads and building loyalty with your existing clientele.

Here are 5 essential elements guaranteed to get results and enhance your email communications.

1. Start with an eye-catching subject line.

We all face the daily battle of the inbox. You want your email to stand out, to be opened. That means you need a clear, compelling, attention-grabbing subject line that will resonate with your audience. Ideally, you want to describe your offer as briefly and as enticingly as possible.

2. Be real.

Email is communication on a personal level, so be personal. Consider using your name or a team member’s name in the “From” address. People like to connect with real people, not faceless organizations. Also, try personalizing the greeting as well as the content. Use the information you’ve gathered from your database or subscribers–name, interests, needs, behavior, etc.– to tailor your offers accordingly.

3. Offer value. 

Clearly and briefly explain the value of your offer. Tell your email recipients why your product is valuable to them, and emphasize the benefits they will receive by accepting it. It’s a good idea to add links to your offer within this section, too.

4. Provide a clear call to action.

Whatever action the reader must take to accept the offer should be obvious and straightforward. Make it specific, and create a sense of urgency by adding the element of time, such as: “Download the Ebook Now” or “Reserve Your Seat Today.”

5. Enable sharing & connecting.

Include social sharing buttons/links in your emails. This makes it easy for your subscribers to share your content, and when they do, you expand your sales conversation to a broader audience. Likewise, include social media follow buttons/links. This allows subscribers to interact with you on other platforms, increasing your visibility and expanding your market reach.

What About You?

What strategies have you found effective in your email marketing?

Have you experimented with customizing your emails? What were the results?


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