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Build Content You Can Be Proud Of

If context is king, then content is queen.

You’ve probably heard that line before or some variation of it.

That said, are you treating your content with the royal respect it deserves? If not, now may be the time to step it up.

Long Live the Queen

Content is the cornerstone of inbound marketing. Whether you blog, write eBooks, produce weekly newsletters, videos, or podcasts, you want to create and share worthwhile content that attracts followers. You want to put your best foot forward.

And like any good head of state, you want to represent your company with poise, intelligence, and, perhaps, a touch of joie de vivre.

Your content is a very public face of your company. It can enable you to build trust within your community and among prospective customers. Producing good content regularly gives you the opportunity to display your knowledge and expertise and provide value for your audience. It lends an air of distinction, dependability, and likability to your company.

In order to achieve this exalted state, content should be:

A. Useful

It can be interesting, inspiring, motivating, funny, or educational. But it should leave your readers (listeners or viewers) better for having experienced it. Maybe it made them laugh, or learn something new, or confirmed something they already suspected. Maybe it changed their perspective, fired them up, or challenged their status quo. Or maybe it just made them feel good. In any case, they should always come away glad they spent time with you.

B. High Quality

Mediocre does not stand out, attract, or inspire. You want to give them your best, so put some heart and soul into it. Be engaging, entertaining, and appealing. And don’t be afraid to mix in a little variety. If you blog, try producing a podcast or a video. Whatever your content, it should be well organized and clearly formatted.

C. Immediate

How-to content is great for this kind of thing. But it can be anything that guides or inspires your audience to take action or apply today. This doesn’t mean you never mention long term goals or projects, but you always want to include simple, actionable items. It will encourage your audience to return to you for more motivation and information. It’s a win for you and for them.

This kind of content does take time and effort, but your company is worth it and so are your clients. As they say in royal circles, noblesse oblige.

Your Turn

What kind of content do you give your clients? What kind of content do you like to read or watch? What motivates or inspires you to action?


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