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3 Tips for a Successful Landing Page

You’ve composed a killer marketing ad.

The content is clear and clean and targets your audience’s needs and desires. They are compelled to click through.

But where are you driving that traffic? To your homepage or a landing page?

Why a Landing Page?

Sending traffic to your homepage is not necessarily the best way to convert visitors into leads. It may contain a lot of good information, but what are your visitors supposed to do there? Better yet, what do you want them to do? Sign up for your newsletter? Download an eBook? Register for a Webinar? If you have a specific goal or action in mind, make it easy for your visitors to take that action. And that’s where the landing page comes in.

The purpose of a landing page is to convert your hard earned traffic into leads by capturing your visitors’ information. It tells them exactly what you’re offering and what they need to do to get it. And if the page is not compelling and clear, they are not going to fill out that capture form.

So take these steps to ensure your landing page follows up on the promise of your targeted ad and garners some viable leads in the process.

Dressing Your Landing Page For Success

Keep the format clean. Have you heard of the blink test? It’s commonly accepted that you have 3 seconds to grab your readers’ attention. The time it takes to blink. If you don’t succeed, it’s a quick click of the back button. So make sure your page is professional and distraction-free.

Limit or hide your site’s navigation so visitors focus on the offer

Keep graphics/images clean, relevant, and at eye level

Keep your form short and “above the fold.” Visitors shouldn’t have to scroll to fill it out

Keep the pitch short, simple, and specific. This is the other big factor in the blink test. Nothing kills engagement like a page full of chunky paragraphs. Your offer should be specific, valuable, and easy to obtain. And it should match the call to action in the original ad. Be brief and to the point.

Use a snappy headline that encapsulates your offer

Use bullet points to explain features and benefits

Use action verbs and keywords that emphasize value and build urgency 

Keep the momentum going. You’ve brought them this far, so don’t stop now. Also, continue to experiment with different features, testing and improving as you go.

Use an effective “Thank You” page that encourages further interaction

Add social media sharing buttons so your content can be passed along easily

Test the page yourself. Ask: Would I find this confusing? Would I fill this out?

Your Turn

What tactics have you found successful in building landing pages? Feel free to share your recommendations!


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