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To Do or Not to Do … That is the Question

We’re all familiar with the “To-Do” list, but have you ever considered the power of a “Not-to-do” list?

For many of us, the problem is not doing more but doing less. Less time-wasting activity, that is. You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule: about 20% of the work you do produces 80% of the results you want. So the objective is to maximize that 20% effort by focusing on tasks directly related to your goals and delegating or ignoring the 80% peripheral “stuff.”

If you really want to accomplish more, you’ll need to be proactive in cutting out the dross.  Why not take a few minutes today to plan and prioritize your tasks, eliminating distracting and disruptive time-wasters. And then knuckle down and watch your productivity soar!

What are some of the biggest time wasters?

• Not having a plan for the day and reacting to whatever shows up
• Online surfing and constant texting
• Checking your email every 5 minutes

What time-wasters would you add to the list?


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