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Motivation Follows Action

Waiting for motivation to strike can just leave you waiting.

I’ve confessed elsewhere that I’m a self-improvement junkie. I want to become better at everything. But then, really, who doesn’t? The problem for me is motivation. Wanting to improve, wanting to master a subject, or wanting to learn something new doesn’t necessarily translate into action.

For example, I want to be fit and healthy. But that desire in itself doesn’t get me up with the lark and trotting happily down the street. I’m not motivated to get up early and work out; I still have to force myself. If I waited to feel motivated, I’d never do it. But once I’ve done it, I feel great. I feel like I’ve accomplished something significant.

And I finally noticed the other day that this applies to all those other irksome activities we tend to put off. There’s no point in waiting to feel motivated to tackle your taxes or start that new project or call up your weird cousin. Because motivation is a myth. You can’t talk anyone (even yourself) into anything.

Decisive action is the key.

Don’t wait until you feel motivated or excited to do something. Do whatever it is you know you need to do. Stop putting it off, and stop over-thinking it. Just start doing, and see how quickly the good feelings follow. Accomplishing tasks and increasing your productivity creates excitement! And the more you do, the longer the cycle lasts. And I don’t say that to motivate you … because I can’t. But I challenge you to try it yourself. Don’t waste time trying to get yourself excited to do something. Instead, pursue action, and enjoy the motivation that follows. 

Action is eloquence. –Shakespeare 

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