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How Secure Are Apple Computers?

Apple computers are the obvious choice to some people. The beautiful, sleek design, ease of use, “just works” functionality, and now the sharp, new retina display are great selling points. Macbook Pros suit a lot of people and projects really well.

There’s no doubt Apple computers are pretty, functional, and easy to use. But it’s exactly the ease of use that makes Apple products so vulnerable. They quickly and seamlessly connect wherever you are. They don’t come with some of the more technical problems other devices might. But that’s the beauty as well as the beast.

Because they are so open, they’re more open to attacks. And while it’s true that Apple has made it this far with very few major virus attacks in comparison to Windows computers, those days are nearly over. More and more viruses are out there attacking Apple computers now, and it’s dangerous to go on assuming a sort of immunity to viruses and malicious attacks.

At this point, you really have to ask yourself which companies are more equipped to handle virus attacks? How quickly will the response time be to issue patches and updates? If you’re really dealing with sensitive data on a regular basis, do you want to risk exposing that data to the wrong people? Your situation should inform your decisions when it comes to the types of devices you purchase for yourself and your company. At this point, Microsoft is far superior to Apple when it comes to response time; that’s something to keep in mind. But it’s not the only thing to keep in mind.

It’s not so much that Apple computers are bad. It’s that they’re different. They have particular uses and places. And it’s important to consult your IT provider to find out which devices are most appropriate for which situations. Rubiconn is always happy to help consult companies through that decision. In most cases, Apple computers aren’t going to be the computer of choice for a business environment, but that doesn’t mean they may not be the computer of choice for other environments or particular kinds of businesses.

That having been said, nobody is saying you have to ditch your Mac if you’re a Mac fanatic. But we are going to suggest having an anti-virus program and paying attention to attacks that are happening. We are going to suggest securing computers and making them less vulnerable when out using things like public wi-fi. We’re going to suggest not clicking on questionable links or download things from untrusted sites. We’re going to suggest being careful to change passwords regularly and have unique passwords for each program. Simple, basic, proactive habits can really make a difference no matter what sort of computer you’re using.

And in spite of all of these issues, Rubiconn is committed to allowing folks to securely access their data anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Some devices make this more of a challenge than others, but it’s a challenge the Rubiconn techs happily accept.

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