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7 Tips to Combat Procrastination

Do you begin your day dodging those dreaded but inevitable tasks?

Do you find yourself in a vicious cycle of procrastination, stress, guilt, and more procrastination?

You’re not alone; we all fall into this rut from time to time. That’s why we have a day like today: Happy Fight Procrastination Day!

So in honor of the day and to get your motivation on, here are some timeless tips to encourage you in the battle against procrastination.

1. Do the “worst thing” first

This task is probably “bad” because it’s important or big or both. So schedule it first thing in the morning and attack it while you’re fresh and alert. If possible, lay out the things you’ll need the night before. Completing a dreaded task early in the day gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment and confidence.

2. Make the job smaller

If your project is too big to finish in one fell swoop, break it down into manageable chunks. Every time you finish one task, your sense of satisfaction will soar, motivating you on to the next one.

3. Start your day over after lunch

Evaluate your progress, re-prioritize if necessary, and tackle the next important task. This creates a strong mental habit and pattern of working on the most important things first. Proactively pursuing high priority tasks will automatically move your work forward faster.

4. Eliminate interruptions

It’s easy to get sidetracked from unpleasant tasks. It’s easy to get sidetracked, period. But the road to productivity is paved with focus and discipline. Turn off your email, social media, phone, and whatever else distracts you from your purpose.

5. Set a timer

Make a little game of it; race the clock for 10-15 minutes and see how much you can get done. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish with short bursts of focus. Small successes build on one another, empowering and inspiring you to carry on.

6. Plan a productivity day

A one day, no holds barred, procrastination blitzkrieg. Make a list of all those little things you’ve been putting off and resolve to power through them before the day is out.

7. Reward yourself

Be sensible. You can’t keep your nose to the grindstone indefinitely. Plan breaks and treats into your schedule. You’ll return to your work refreshed and energized.

What About You?

What strategies have you found useful in beating procrastination?


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